Rolex Men 's Buy Recommended Top 5

Christmas is about to come, for men, whether as a husband, father, brother, son, no more than a Rolex watch to receive a better gift. We recommend five fantastic Rolex male watch for you to choose: Rolex Men's Watch Buy Top 5 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Wrist uk replica watches Oyster Perpetual Watch is the perfect entry-level Rolex, launched in 2014, 114300 have everything you want, compared to the previous generation of products to improve a lot, make up for a small defect. For example, equipped with the new Rolex 3132 automatic movement, with -2 / + 2 seconds accuracy, much more stringent than the COSC standard. In addition to its technical capabilities, 114300 appearance exceptionally attractive. 114300's 39mm Oyster case is neither too big nor too small. Dial provides fantastic vision, three different colors of the sun pattern dial. Deep rhodium-gray dial is the most conservative and most popular, and red wine and blue face plate is more bold, more young choice. Its vibrant colors add youthful appeal, with no date window yet maintains the watch's lofty symmetry. 114300 is absolutely suitable for the first purchase of Rolex's friends. Rolex Men 's Buy Recommended Top 5 2. rolex replica watches Log Type II 116333 As the most popular dress table, Rolex Log II is the kind of anytime, anywhere bright out of luxury watches. The two-tone material DJII has become a symbolic style. Rugged stainless steel and precious gold combination, with a lasting appeal of lasting appeal. Its masterpiece log II 116333 has a classic outline of movement, 41 mm Oyster case size is also very modern. In addition, the gold groove bezel is a traditional design features, the use of sleek baton style time scale, ivory dial appears solid modernization. 116333 Dial 3 o'clock in the date of the window there are sapphire crystal magnifying glass, Rolex standard magnification of 2.5 times, so you can clearly and easily read the date. DateJust also means instantaneous jump calendar, the date plate will change in the middle of the night hours. Watch equipped with the famous Rolex 3136 automatic movement, usually known as the main movement of Rolex, is a reliable synonym. Rolex Men 's Buy Recommended Top 5 3. Rolex submariner no calendar 114060 This is the most coveted iconic luxury sports watch, any one table fans must have a Rolex Submariner (water ghost). Although there are many versions of Rolex diving watch, including gold submariner, gold steel submariner, green or blue dial submarine, of which the most enchanting submariner-type but the most low-key type of submersible 114060, this stainless steel wrist Table + Classic black dial and black bezel combination. As the latest Rolex no date Submariner, it is equipped with a very popular CERACHROM ceramic bezel. Ceramic scratch resistance, never fade, to watch a lot of glory. 114060 The main difference with other submersibles is the no-date window. Many people for a purely clean disk, are willing to give up the practical date function, I was tempted to live symmetry, agreed. No calendar will get all the attention focused on the large luminous hour markers and the central Mercedes-pin. I think James Bond gave the knife under the sea of ​​fire are eligible. Rolex Men 's Buy Recommended Top 5 4. Rolex Daytona 116500LN For Rolex fans, Steel Daytona is a myth! 2016 Basel Watch Fair launched ceramic ring steel Daytona 116500 is caused a great sensation, Waiting List also a few miles long. 116500LN is the first application of ceramic bezel stainless steel version of Daytona! Moreover, the previous generation of 11,6520 are equipped with silver steel bezel, and now the new 116500LN bezel into a black, a return to the origin of taste, 60 years Paul Newman worn steel di 6241 or 6263 are black Bezel, that year bezel material can only be black plexiglass. Built-in or the Rolex self-produced automatic timing movement Cal.4130, column-wheel structure, vertical clutch, with blue Parachrom hairspring, with 72 hours of power reserve, but now due to replica watches uk than COSC stricter its own top-level Observatory certification , The new Daytona accuracy of -2 --- +2 seconds / day, there are five years of warranty. Rolex Men 's Buy Recommended Top 5 5. The Rolex calendar type 118235 The best is always to the last. Rolex DD is the top person, is a powerful symbol of prestige and excellence. Few luxury suits have the same Rolex calendar as the name of the calendar. "Rolex watches, the calendar week has become a 'president of the table' because Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon and Roosevelt, who have worn this classic. This 118235 rose gold case and pink dial cleverly echoed, the disk inlaid with high-grade round diamond drill time scale. Another classic is the triangular crater bezel - which has become a Rolex logo features, imitation countless; and do not forget, Rolex Day-Date of the two instructions window, an indication of the date, another indicator week calendar. Select the DD must choose the head type bracelet, which is the top of the Rolex precious metal bracelet, only for the top watch.